Our Clientele


We only work with manufacturers who share our vision for a cleaner food industry, so our food service clients can trust in the high standard of our products, and know that their brand will be protected. We believe that your customers should feel great after their meals and shouldn’t have to deal with complications because you’ve unknowingly used an ingredient that is not ‘clean’.

The benefits with making us your strategic supplier are:

  • Consistent quality that your kitchen can build a process around. Who needs headaches during a busy dinner service?
  • Allergen-friendly products to help you attract a much broader customer base
  • Innovative products to give you a clear point of difference from your competitors
  • New concepts and ideas to help freshen up your menu
  • A one stop shop for all of your Asian grocery needs
  • Protect your brand by only using safe, quality ingredients
  • Your customers will not only enjoy your food but will feel great afterwards