Our Story

From the melting pots of Saigon through to Australia, Mrs. Tran brings true Asian traditional culinary cuisines to your home.

Mrs Tran

Mrs. Tran’s Story

Mrs. Tran was raised in Cholon, the Chinatown of Saigon. Cholon was a harmonious melding pot of Vietnamese, Cambodian and Chinese cultures which culminated into some of the most delectable Asian meals that are now enjoyed all over the world. Mrs. Tran from a very young age possessed an extremely curious mind and combined with her industriousness and passion for food, mastered the art of cooking Asian cuisines. 

When Mrs. Tran was forced to flee the Vietnam war with her young family and later resettled in Australia, she continued her tradition of cooking her family recipes much to the enjoyment of her family and friends. Mrs. Tran believed that good food should be shared and even now can be seen in her kitchen creating that next masterpiece. Mrs. Tran is known for her meticulous preparation of raw ingredients and takes extreme pride in preparing her meals from scratch.

Taking A Stand

In 1989, Mr. Tran and Mrs. Tran started their own food importing business but in 2012, the company decided to take a stance against many of the factories that engaged in harmful practices. Many of the Asian foods we enjoy are unfortunately tainted with harmful chemicals, inaccurate labelling, deliberate concealment of ingredients which for a country like Australia where we have high levels of food allergies is outright dangerous.

Through our vast experience we can verify that true Asian cuisines have been compromised. It is too simplistic and a lazy generalisation to just blame any particular country for compromising our food standards. We see the business as an extension of our own personalities so it is important for us to understand what are the philosophies behind the owner of the company? Does the owner share the same vision as us for a cleaner food industry? If not, it doesn’t matter how big they are, they are simply not the right fit for us.

Mrs Tran in the garden

What we are striving to do at Mrs. Tran’s Kitchen is develop a brand that the good citizens of Australia can trust. When you see the Mrs. Tran’s Kitchen brand you can rest assured that we have gone to great lengths to ensure that our product meets the following criterion:



Authentic Asian




We understand that times have changed and that people value their time differently. We have become a nation of extremely busy people and would much rather spend the very little precious time we have to ourselves with family or friends. At Mrs. Tran’s Kitchen we are devoted to using our vast knowledge of Asian cuisines to develop healthy tasty meal solutions that are incredibly easy to cook at home.

Our Promise To You

At Mrs. Tran’s Kitchen we are in a position to be able to make a real change to the Asian grocery industry as we have aligned our business with world class manufacturers. Only those manufacturers who are prepared to support our vision to relentlessly share true Asian cuisine with everyone are chosen. To achieve this vision, we actively seek feedback from our clients to understand what are the barriers to enjoying Asian cuisines the way it was intended? If this is you, our products are perfect for you.

Mrs Tran's Kitchen main meal