Matcha Burger Bao Buns


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Have you tried our New Burger Bao Bun range yet? Our Matcha Burger Bao Buns is made with 100% Japanese matcha green tea powder. They’re pre-cut for easy use and quick to prepare. You can also grill them prior to serving to get pillow soft buns with crispy skin.


✚ Made with 100% Japanese matcha green tea powder

✚ No added artificial colouring

✚ Quick-cooking time

✚ Pre-cut and ready to use

✚ Vegan friendly


Country of Origin: Made in Vietnam

Storage Instructions: Keep Frozen

Additional information

Weight 0.85 kg



Wheat Flour, Water, Seasoning (Sugar, Salt, Yeast), Vegetable Shortening, Corn Starch, Japanese Matcha Powder (1%), Baking Powder.

Preparation instructions

STEAM: Steam the burger bao buns for approximately 8 minutes from frozen. Adjust cooking time as required. Once steamed separate the burger bao buns and fill with your favourite protein, fillings and sauce.

GRILLING: Follow above steaming instructions then separate buns and grill the insides on a hotplate until toasted. Alternatively, thaw first then grill on a hotplate on low heat until crispy.