Spring Rolls with Dipping Sauce


Looking for an easy yet delicious canapé for entertaining? Look no further! Our frozen spring rolls are a convenient solution – plus add that special touch with a homemade dipping sauce.

Serves: 3

200g Mrs Tran’s Kitchen Net Spring Rolls Vegetarian
300mL of canola oil

Dipping sauce
1/3 carrot, peeled and grated
Mrs Tran’s Kitchen Vegetarian Fish Sauce
½ lime juice


  1. Heat oil until shimmering, or until 180°
  2. Deep-fry spring rolls until outsides turn golden brown, approximately 5 minutes.
  3. Remove spring rolls, and drain on paper towels to soak up excess oil.
  4. Combine sauce ingredients in a bowl, and use as dipping sauce for fried spring rolls. Or use Mrs Tran’s Kitchen Vegetarian Fish Sauce.