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Enjoying True Asian Cuisine Is Not Difficult

Ever feel like you want to make great asian food at home, but think you might not have all the right equipment? Not sure where to buy the wok, chopsticks, & steamers you might need.

At Mrs. Tran’s Kitchen, we believe that true Asian cuisine should be accessible to everyone. Here are a few things you can do TODAY in your own kitchen:

Mrs Trans Coconut range

“Did you know that not all coconut milks are created equally? Most brands use whitening materials such as titanium dioxide to turn the natural greying colour into an artificial bright white colour. These brands would also ad unnatural thickeners, synthetic flavouring & chemical additives. Look out for Emma’s Coconut Milk – 100% natural, no preservatives, not whiteners, no flavourings, gluten free, dairy free, & vegan.”

Mrs Trans prawn skewers

“Always ensure that you are using naturally-made rice paper. Want an easy way to find out if your rice paper is bleached? Go to your pantry and compare your rice paper with an A4 printer paper. If the colour is similar then it has been bleached.”

Mres Tans Kitchen steamed dumplings

“Did you know that you do not need a fancy steamer to prepare our delicious dumplings? To make your own steamer at home, just follow the following steps.

1. In a medium to large pot, put a small bowl in the centre but tip the bowl upside down

2. Fill the pot with water ensuring the water level is no higher than ” of the bowl

3. Place a plate on top of the bowl

4. Place your dumplings on the plate

5. Cover the pot with a lid”

Simple Recipes

Here are some simple recipes that you can make in your very own kitchen to bring true Asian cuisine for your friends & family.

Mrs Trans Kitchen fried Gyoza

Amazingly delicious & authentic dumplings in just 3 simple steps

Mrs Trans Kitchen fried prawns

Amazingly delicious & authentic dumplings in just 3 simple steps

Mrs Trans Kitchen spring rolls

Amazingly delicious & authentic dumplings in just 3 simple steps

Why Our Dumplings Are The Best

Gluten Free Dumplings

Gluten Free Dumplings

Whether you are a restaurant wanting an easier solution than hiring your own team of chefs to make dumplings from scratch or a lover of dumplings but have been burnt by that nasty mush wrapped in pastry masquerading as dumplings, the Mrs. Tran’s Kitchen range of dumplings will save the day.

We have met thousands of our customers and we thank you for your feedback. We have listened to your feedback and used it to help improve our products. Because you cared enough to share your concerns with us, we have invested the time to make a family of dumplings that are as unique as you.

Our dumplings are the most authentic tasting in the market and we have managed to achieve this without compromising any of the following:

Freshly made:

  • Pastry made from scratch
  • Fresh seafood is strictly screened for bacteria and heavy metal
  • Vegetables chopped the day it is wrapped
  • Hand wrapped and snapped frozen
Value for money:

  • Seafood dumplings contains generous amounts of seafood
  • New gluten free range contains whole pieces of seafood
  • Tasty vegan options containing as much as 10 different vegetables packed into a dumpling
Allergen Friendly:

  • Gluten free without being dry and brittle
  • MSG free
  • Low fodmap options

  • Only 100% natural ingredients are used
  • Free of additives

What's In Your Rice Paper & Rice Vermicelli?

Rice Paper & Rice Vermicelli

Rice Paper & Rice Vermicelli

Have you ever eaten rice paper rolls or served a bowl of rice vermicelli salad and wondered what that strange smell is or had stomach cramps after consuming the meal? We have met countless people who believed that they were allergic to rice paper and rice vermicelli.

The basic ingredients to making a clean rice paper and rice vermicelli are:

  • Tapioca Starch
  • Rice Flour
  • Water
  • Salt

If the brand you are using does not accurately declare these 4 ingredients, you are best to avoid it as this is an indication of their lack of standards which is only a sign of many things wrong with the manufacturer.

At Mrs. Tran’s Kitchen, our rice paper rolls & rice vermicelli are 100% natural. Our rice paper now comes in different colours made from natural healthy vegetables (no colouring added). Available are:

  • Red: Beetroot
  • Yellow: Turmeric
  • Brown: Brown Rice
  • White: Unpolished Rice
  • Dark Purple: Black Jasmine Rice
  • Black: Activated Charcoal