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Lucky Foods to Eat During Lunar New Year

Lunar New Year is just around the corner and this year it falls on Tuesday 1st of February, marking the start of The Year of the Tiger. Festivities last for 16 days, starting from New Year’s Eve until the Lantern Festival to officially end the celebrations. There are many traditional customs performed leading up to and during this joyous period but let’s discuss one of the best things about this occasion, the FOOD!

Food plays a significant role during the New Year celebrations; it’s a time to enjoy a reunion dinner with family on New Year’s Eve, to pay respect to ancestors with food offerings and eat certain foods for their symbolism.

With a tradition dating back more than 1,800 years, consuming these scrumptious little gems is believed to bring wealth. Dumplings are considered a lucky food to eat due to their shape resembling silver ingots. It is said that the more dumplings you eat during this time, the more money you will make in the New Year.

Mrs. Tran’s Kitchen has a wide variety of dumplings to help you eat your way to prosperity…or just enjoy them because they taste delicious! Check out the range of Vegan, Seafood and Meat Dumplings here.

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Noodle dishes are a staple during Lunar New Year and as the name suggests, eating these noodles symbolises longevity. The longer and unsevered the noodles, the longer the life of the person eating them is thought to be. Not only do noodles symbolise long life, but they also represent good luck and prosperity.

Mrs. Tran’s Kitchen offer a range of whole grain noodles, including Rice Noodles, Brown Rice Noodles, Rice Vermicelli and Egg Noodles. Find out more about the noodle varieties here.

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Any excuse to eat spring rolls is a good one! Spring rolls are particularly eaten during this time as they are named after the Spring Festival, another term for Lunar New Year festivities. A phrase often said when eating spring rolls is “黄金万两”(huáng jīn wàn liǎng) meaning “a ton of gold”, due to them representing gold bars and hence symbolises wealth and prosperity.

Mrs. Tran’s Kitchen have a range of prawn and vegetarian spring rolls to help you build your riches, the varieties can be viewed here.

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Mrs Tran and her team wishes everyone a happy, safe and prosperous
Year of The Tiger!

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