True Asian Cuisine is uncompromising in its deliciousness and health.

At Mrs. Tran’s Kitchen, we strive to share the taste of authentic Asian cuisine. From the melting pots of Saigon through to Australia, Mrs. Tran brings true Asian traditional culinary dishes to your home.

Our Sauces

Our range of sauces capture the authentic flavours of Asia, and are a delightful addition to almost any Asian meal! Made from real, natural ingredients, our sauces are of the highest quality, and free from gluten and MSG.

Pineapple Sweet Chilli Sauce

Staying true to our origins we have used a unique blend of pineapple chunks and chillies to create a sweet chilli sauce possessing a natural tang and spice with greatly reduced sugar.  It is as refreshing in appearance and fragrance as it is to taste.


The traditional rice paper roll dipping sauce is often referred to as the peanut sauce.  Using a secret family recipe we have created a peanut free rice paper roll sauce that is also free of gluten and MSG.  You now have a complete gluten free rice paper roll solution (using Mrs. Tran’s Kitchen rice paper) straight out of the bottle.


Sometimes the simple things in life are often the best. 

For an easy way to enjoy your seafood, we have combined a unique blend of fresh Asian herbs and vegetables to create a Thai style seafood chilli sauce that will add a burst of flavour and colour to your next seafood dish.


We believe that you should be able to enjoy your Asian meals and feel great afterwards so we have used coconut amino to make that authentic fish sauce flavour enjoyed in Thai and Vietnamese cuisines.  This is a game changer for the vegans who have never been able to properly enjoy Thai and Vietnamese food including the salads. 


No longer do you have to navigate the mystical topographies of Asia for the best Sate Chilli Oil.  Staying true to our love of Asian spices, we have created a Sate Chilli Oil that will completely transform your dumpling, noodle or stir fry experience.  We have captured the very essence of Asia by carefully blending fresh chillies, shallots, garlic and paprika that will arouse your senses.

Our Solemn Promise

Our solemn promise from our mother, Mrs. Tran, to your family & clients:
Our products are made from 100% natural ingredients, are truly authentic Asian flavours & are responsibly sourced with the highest of standards.

We guarantee it!

100% Natural

We are proud to offer products full of real ingredients that are naturally sourced. We’ve gone to great lengths to ensure our products are free from MSG, chemicals and colouring, and are of the highest quality. Enjoy the likes of our dumplings with whole prawns inside, or our sweet chilli sauce with real pineapple chunks!

Authentically Asian

Mrs. Trans mastered the art of cooking from a young age, having grown up in Cholon, Saigon, a harmonious melting pot of Vietnamese, Cambodian and Chinese cultures. From these roots began our vision to share authentic, healthy Asian cuisine with the world. Our products offer authentic Asian flavours, making it easy for you to enjoy delicious, true Asian cuisine.

Responsibly Sourced

We are striving to make a real change in the Asian grocery industry, by aligning our business with world class manufacturers, so Australians can trust in the high standard of our products. We’re taking a stand against the manufacturers who engage in harmful practices –  things like having food tainted with harmful chemicals, inaccurate labelling, or deliberately concealed ingredients. Only those manufacturers who share our vision for a cleaner food industry are engaged to work with us.

Why our dumplings are the besT

Our pastry is made from scratch, just like our mum makes it. Fresh is best!
Ingredients are prepared fresh on the day of wrapping, ensuring maximum flavour and great texture.
We use generous amounts of whole seafood pieces (not minced!), that are a delight in every mouthful.
Our dumplings are individually handmade with love and care – as authentic as they come.
Our dumplings are snap frozen, so they’ll taste as fresh as the day they were made.