Three Prawn And Mint Rice Paper Rolls

Mrs Tran’s Kitchen Rice Paper

Find out what makes our Rice Paper stand out from other brands
At Mrs Tran’s Kitchen, we value culture and tradition. For our range of rice paper, we preserve the traditional recipe and use 100% natural and premium quality ingredients to offer our customers the best and healthiest Rice Paper in Australia.
Mrs Trans Kitchen Rice Paper Range Packaging

Free of synthetic gums

You can roll Mrs Tran’s Rice Paper hours before or even the night before eating it:
• Mrs Tran’s Kitchen Rice Paper does not turn hard!

Other brands’ Rice Paper contains synthetic gums:
• The Rice Paper turns hard so quickly that you have to serve it straight away

Made with mature tapioca starch

At Mrs Tran’s Kitchen, we use mature tapioca starch only, which gives our Rice Paper:
• Natural strength
• Makes it easily digestible

Young lower grade tapioca starch is often used instead of mature tapioca to cut costs:
• Other brands’ Rice Paper breaks easily

Made using the traditional recipe

We use the traditional method of using only water to rinse our rice paper which is a 36 hour process:
• We use only premium quality ingredients and proven traditional recipes for our Rice Paper

Some brands use dangerous bleaches like Titanium Dioxide (carcinogen) to reduce the rinsing process to 4 hours:
• The Rice Paper smells funny and is whiter than other brands

Gluten Free

Mrs Tran’s Rice Paper is made in a gluten free facility, tested to meet Australian Gluten Free standards which are the strictest in the world:
• Mrs Tran’s Kitchen Rice Paper is certified and endorsed by the Coeliac Association of Australia

Rice Paper is often made in facilities with cross contamination risk:
• People with Coeliac disease complain after eating rice paper rolls that are not tested to meet Australian Gluten Free standards

Produced in a Facility with all major certifications

Our rice paper is made in a factory with HACCP, BRC, ISO22000: 2005, Halal, Kosher, FDA, Korean FDA certifications. Mrs Tran’s Kitchen customers can rest assured that we have their health and safety in mind when we manufacture our products.

Cheaper rice paper are made in facilities that would fail Australia’s strict food safety rules and regulations:
• Cheap Rice Paper might have foreign objects like black particles on them

Easy to use for various dietary requirements

Our rice paper comes in 6 different natural colours that are plant based. Each colour can be assigned to a different dietary requirement. We recognise the increasing need for allergen friendly products in the marketplace and provide solutions for you to manage it.

There are some replicas of our coloured rice paper in the market that have artificial colours added to white rice paper:
• With other brands, you have no way of differentiating each rice paper for people with different dietary requirements